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How to Edit PDF Form on Mac

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2022-01-11 11:51:41 • Filed to: PDFelement for Mac How-Tos • Proven solutions

1. Free Download PDFelement for Mac

2. Import PDF

3. Edit PDF Form Fields

If you are one of those PDF users who interact with PDFs everyday, then you will eventually need to fill PDF forms. However, it is important that you know how to edit PDF fillable form too. If you are wondering how you can edit PDF form online efficiently, then your surest bet is PDFelement for Mac.

Best Free PDF Form Editor to Edit PDF Form on Mac

PDFelement for Mac is rated one of the best software for editing PDF forms. It is not an easy task when you wish to edit PDF form and you do not have the right software. In this article our best suggestion is the PDFelement for Mac. PDFelement for Mac allows users to fill forms that are interactive and those that are non-interactive without any difficulties.

edit pdf form

PDFelement for Mac tools for editing text, images, links and forms on your PDF is as easy as using a word processor. It makes provisions for advanced annotation tools which includes erasers, redactions, popup, stamps, sticky notes and a collection of diverse shapes with which you can work. It basically gives you everything you need to edit your PDF form in just about any way you need it. Additionally, it also has built-in OCR technology which allows for fully editable texts for scanned PDFs with low quality.

The forms you edit can be filled, converted and even shared with others. When you create or edit forms on PDFelement for Mac, you have an entirely new set of tools for creating the various elements you will need on your forms. These tools are specifically designed for this. They include the ability to add drop-menus that are interactive, checkboxes, radio buttons and many more to create fully altered form for just about anything you can think of.

PDFelement for Mac apart from its features which enables editing of forms allows for a wide range of other features. It allows for data extraction, batch PDF creation and numerous conversion features to create, rename and change numerous PDFS all at once. If you are often always pulling data from various files to create a new PDF document then this will save you lots of time.

How to Edit PDF Form on Mac

Step 1. Import PDF Into PDF Form Filler Mac

You have to install PDFelement for Mac into your device, launch it and load the PDF document containing the form you wish to fill. With PDFelement for Mac, you can load your file in three ways. You can open your file by going to the home window and clicking the “file". You can click on the PDF to open and lastly you can choose the “open with>PDFelement”. This should be after you have clicked on the right-hand corner of mouse to enable uploading of the PDF to the programme.

edit pdf form fields

Step 2. Fill Out PDF Form Mac With Interactive Field

Usually, the bar of information appears at the uppermost part of the file once you open an interactive form. Assess “text field” from the listed information just to ensure that what you are working on are fillable fields. Once you have activated the fields that are fillable, a window immediately appear on the right. You can insert all information you want on the field you have selected here. PDFelement for Mac allows to click and fill the fields one after the other. Remember to click “save” to save the new changes.

free pdf form editor

Step 3. Fill in Non-Interactive PDF Form

Where what you have are non-interactive fields then click on the “mark-up” icon located on the tool bar. You can then pick the “textbox” found on the submenu. Insert a new text on the empty page on the PDF form by clicking on it. Hold the “command + S” icon conclude with this stage of filling your form on PDFelement for Mac.

edit pdf fillable form

Step 4. Import Or Export Form Data

Simply access the right-most button to import the form data. There will be displayed option from which you can click on the “import data” icon located at the right side of your PC screen. This action will automatically take you to folders on the PC to enable you pick the document you want imported. Once you highlight the file, click it and choose “open” to import to the desired area. To enable exporting of file simply select “export data” on the interface. This is on the far right of your screen. The option allows you keep the document on a desired folder. Also, it allows you to give it a name you desire. Click on “save” to complete this.

edit pdf form

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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