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——Ed Romaine, Sales Manager
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"I save most of my contracts, invoices, and other documents as PDF so I'd be able to read, extract and combine pages. It's very convenient to electronically sign contracts without printing."

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Signing PDF FAQs.

  • You can sign pdf documents free online electronically. There are free PDF signing tools that allows you to create and add your digital signature onto a PDF. Here are 5 solutions for you to sign PDFs for free.

  • To sign PDF without Adobe Acrobat, you can try PDFelement, a more affordable Acrobat alternative that can help you create electronic signatures and add signature to PDFs to PDFs digitally without printing.

  • PDFelement can help you create hand handwritten signature for digital use. Just go to PDFelement > Handwritten Signature and select Upload to upload an image of your signature to create a digital version. Then you can add the signature to PDF file easily.

  • PDFelement for Mac allows you to easily add signature to PDF in three ways: upload an image of your handwritten signature to create a signature; type your signature or draw a signature with mouse cursor.

  • You can sign a PDF document with PDFelement for iOS. After opening the document with the PDFelement app, you can tap Create Signature and then use either your finger, or a stylus is you prefer to write your signature.

  • If the signatures are added with PDFelement, you can remove the signatures from the documents by opening the Protect tab. Then click Manage Signatures > Clear All Signatures. All signatures on this file will be removed.