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How to Edit PDF Text in a Better Way

The best thing about using the PDF file is that the receiver of the document cannot change the text using the native PDF readers on the computer and the formatting of the PDF file will remain exactly same. But what to do if you want make some changes on the document? Is it possible? This article will teach you a way to edit PDF text.

Best PDF Text Editor to Modify Text in a PDF

edit pdf text

Wondershare PDFelement offers you an incomparable way to edit PDF:

  • Freely modify, insert, delete, select, copy and extract any text in PDF;
  • Text naturally flows into adjacent lines with auto-matched font;
  • Change font style, create subscript and superscript text, bold and italic to format text;
  • Achieve uniform appearance with alignment, character and line spacing options;
  • Make changes on your PDF while preserving original formatting.

Besides text, you can also make changes on images and pages as you wish. The OCR feature in PDFelement even gives you the possibility of editing image-based scanned PDF like what you did in a Word processor. What's more, PDFelement is capable of converting PDF from or to document and image formats, creating and filling out PDF forms, protect info with password and redaction etc.

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How to Edit PDF Text on Windows (Windows 10 Included)

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