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How to Edit a PDF File

Portable Document Format is said to be the most secure document format which will retain the formatting of a document on any PDF Reader or Editor. If you have already created a PDF, there are plenty of ways to edit the PDF file on Windows or Mac OS X. In order to edit PDF documents, you will need a perfect PDF editor with all the important features such as editing the text or images present in the PDF file. Here’s the detailed guide on how you can edit a PDF file.

Best Software to Edit a PDF on Windows and Mac

A good PDF Editor should let you add new text with plenty of styles and formatting, resize images, crop them or extract them from the PDF file without ruining the quality of the images. Wondershare PDFelement is a cross platform, multifunctional, easy to use PDF reader, editor or converter which will do all these tasks in the blink of an eye. It also provides multiple fonts, text size and alignment tools to match the formatting of the PDF file. In case of images, you can adjust the size of the images, graphs, charts, can crop them out or can simply extract them from PDF file.

edit pdf text

Apart from the editing feature, it will also let you convert the PDF files to Microsoft Word format which makes it really easy to edit the document. Moreover, if you have scanned a document, the OCR feature will let you convert the scanned document in to edit-able text format.

  • Easy to use, user-friendly interface
  • A perfect annotator to highlight the text or add comments on a particular word
  • Edit text or images in the PDF file
  • Lock PDF documents with secure passcode
  • Edit metadata of the PDF File
  • Sign the PDF files with secure signatures feature

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How to Edit PDF on Windows

Detailed Guide on Editing a PDF File on Windows and Mac

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