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Summarizer Beyond Imagination. *Powered by ChatGPT

Summarize, rewrite, translate, and proofread texts in PDFs, detect AI written content, and chat with PDFs for more possibilities with our AI PDF reading assistant - PDFelement's Lumi AI.
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Accurately extract key information from PDFs with AI technology.

PDFelement's AI Tools ensure the privacy of your data through encryption and adhering to our data protection practices.

A smart PDF analysis AI tool for everyone on any device.

Level up your PDF workflow with the cross-platform PDF Editor with AI assistant, which masterfully merges ChatGPT with PDF features
for Education, Legal, Finance, IT... Unlock advanced features like summarization, translation, rewriting, and more.
For Education & Study
Gather information from various sources, including books and websites, to enrich teaching and research. Help students to study, complete assignments, develop business plans, and craft job-winning CVs.
For Legal
Redefine legal operations with PDFelement AI. Summarize lengthy case documents, explain legal jargon to clients, rewrite contracts for optimal clarity and adherence, and engage in interactive conversations with PDFs to swiftly gather case information.
For Accounting & Finance
Extract crucial data from sales reports and analyze project proposals effortlessly with AI to optimize decision-making. Refine business plans with AI-powered clarity and precision. Streamline document analysis and revolutionize financial tasks with PDFelement AI.
For IT Professions
Extract and summarize technical information from manuals, code documentation, and research papers. Proofread code snippets and scripts. Translate technical jargon into user-friendly language for non-technical stakeholders.
For Healthcare
Summarize medical research papers, clinical trial results, and patient records, to assist quick decision-making. Proofread medical reports, ensuring accurate and error-free documentation.

FAQs about Lumi PDF AI robot.

  • You can use Wondershare PDFelement to summarize a PDF quickly and easily.
    1. Open PDFelement and click the "Lumi PDF AI robot" button. Select "Summarize PDF" from the pop-up menu.
    2. Import the file or content you want to summarize into the Summarize PDF window. Click "Analyze" to start the process.
    3. View the output under the Response box. Copy and paste the response into your file, and edit it as needed.

  • You can use Wondershare PDFelement to rewrite a PDF easily. Powered by ChatGPT, PDFelement has a built-in PDF AI robot named Lumi to analyze the original content and generate coherent sentences, which streamlines the writing process.
    1. Click the "Lumi PDF AI robot" button and choose "Rewrite PDF" from the pop-up menu.
    2. Import the content you wish to rephrase into the Content box, click on 'Rewrite' to start the process.
    3. Access the output in the Response box. You can then either copy the rewritten content to other files or replace the original text directly with it.

  • Wondershare PDFelement is the best way to proofread PDF files efficiently and accurately. The built-in PDF AI robot in PDFelement named Lumi is powered by ChatGPT. It uses artificial intelligence technology to detect errors, grammar mistakes, and spelling errors in your PDF documents.
    1. Click the "Lumi PDF AI robot" button and select "Proofread PDF" in the pop-up menu.
    2. Enter the content you want to proofread, then click "Proofread."
    3. The proofread result will appear in the Response box. You may now copy the proofread content to other files or replace the original text directly.

  • You can use PDFelement to automatically add bookmarks to a PDF. After importing the PDF file into PDFelement, click the "Auto Bookmarks" button under the View tab. Then, PDFelement will generate bookmarks automatically according to the heading styles in your PDF.

  • You can use PDFelement's AI-Written Detect feature to identify if the text is AI-generated. Click the "Lumi PDF AI robot" button and choose "AI-Written Detect" in the pop-up menu. Enter the content you want to detect and click "Analyze." PDFelement will use algorithms to analyze the language patterns of the input text to determine if it is human, AI, or partially AI-generated. Furthermore, the tool will highlight the sentences which are more likely to be generated by AI.

  • Currently, Lumi PDF AI robot is running on GPT 3.5.

  • Certainly. With PDFelement, you can easily summarize a PDF to Markdown. Open the PDF with PDFelement, click the "AI Tools" button in the secondary toolbar under "Home," then select the "PDF to Markdown" option. Set your desired "Page Range" and "Output Folder, and finally, click "Convert." Your PDF will be converted into a Markdown file.

  • Translating a scanned PDF to English is effortless with PDFelement. Import your scanned PDF into PDFelement; a blue bar will prompt you to perform OCR for copy and edit capabilities. Click "Perform OCR," then access the "Translate PDF" option under "AI Tools". Choose "English" as the target language, and click "Translate." Voila! Your scanned PDF is now seamlessly translated into English.