Reduce pdf file size in a flexible way.

An easy PDF resizer for everyone.

pdf size compressor

"If you need to distribute viewable files to customers or co-workers, use PDFelement which can help you create PDFs in smaller sizes for easy sharing."

—— Gabriela, Sales Representative
pdf size compressor

When it comes to compiling legal documents for electronic filing, attaching large files in emails could be a hassle. Save your time by shrinking file size with PDFelement.

——Paisley, Lawyer
pdf size compressor
IT Services

Easily organize and compress technical documents to a smaller size. Upload large files to different platforms at your fingertips.

——Josiah, IT Manager

FAQs about PDF compressor.

  • To compress PDF files without losing quality with PDFelement, you should select Low Compression, which will remain the file quality as much as possible. You can also reduce file size by splitting the file.

  • When compressing PDF with PDFelement, the tool allows you to preview the file size of the compressed file before it is compressed. You can make sure the file will be compressed to 100KB or 200KB.

  • Gmail and Yahoo limit your file size to 25MB and Hotmail limits it to just 10MB. Click the "Tool">"Compress PDF" and compress the file with PDFelement. Click the "Email" button on the top. It will launch your default email tool and attach the compressed PDF document in the email automatically.

  • PDFelement compressor is available for Windows, Mac and iPhone/iPad. Just download the right version of PDFelement and compress PDF with it.